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Sybel Boss is a professional yoga instructor to private athletes and has been practicing yoga for over 27 years. Join her in the beautiful surroundings of tropical Longboat Key, Florida, overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. Strenthen and relax your body & mind using a program that Sybel has developed in her teaching of yoga to elite & professional athletes, as well as people of all ages and fitness levels. Her formal yoga training is in the vinyasa flow oriented style of the Ashtanga tradition.

For a limited time, Sybel is offering her yoga DVDs directly from her website. Sybel will even personally autograph your DVDs and personalize them to whomever you choose. Now you can be trained by the same professional yoga instructor who has trained Maria Sharapova & Tommy Haas.

Please be sure to contact us if you have questions about ordering or if you would like to place an international order.

VHS versions are also available upon request. Call Sybel Boss-Ayme at (941) 504-1462 or email her at sybelboss at

Tommy Haas & Sybel Boss, Yoga Instructor


Tommy Haas: Tennis Professional formerly ranked #2 in the world ATP, Olympic Silver Medalist 2000

Our yoga sessions have helped my balance and flexibility-two areas which are important to my movement on the court.



Maria Sharapova & Sybel Boss, Yoga Instructor


Maria Sharapova: 2004 Wimbeldon Singles Champion, 2006 US Open Singles Champion, Australian Open 2008; attained WTA Ranking of #1 in the World; 2012 French Open (congratulations on the career slam!).

When I travel to tournaments I put the disk in my computer three or four times a week and do yoga for about an hour. It helps my flexibility and gets me more relaxed, especially after a good workout. I enjoy it, and it helps my game tremendously.

Volume 1
Shipping & handling: $5.00

Standing postures in a vinyasa-flow style that build

  • strength
  • balance
  • concentration

DVD $19.99 Each

Volume 2
Shipping & handling: $5.00

Floor work to develop

  • core strength
  • flexibility
  • relaxation

DVD $19.99 Each

Special! Volume 1 & 2
Shipping & handling: $5.00

Get Volume 1 and 2 in this special set (limited edition).


DVD $29.99 Each
On Sale $20.00

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View DVD Cover
View DVD Cover

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