Maria Sharapova & Sybel Boss, Yoga Instructor
Sybel & Maria Sharapova
Maria Sharapova: 2004 Wimbeldon Singles Champion, 2006 US Open Singles Champion, 2008 Australian Open, attained WTA Ranking of #1 in the World, 2012 French Open (congratulations on the career slam!)

“ When I travel to tournaments I put the disk in my computer three or four times a week and do yoga for about an hour. It helps my flexibility and gets me more relaxed, especially after a good workout. I enjoy it, and it helps my game tremendously.”

Nick Bollettieri & Sybel
Nick & Sybel
Nick Bollettieri: President / Founder of Bollettieri Tennis Academy

“I have personally taken part in Sybel’s dynamic performance yoga classes. It is my personal opinion dealing with athletes as well as every day people who enjoy sports that her classes and Yoga DVDs inspire everyone to reach another level of excellence and also to become more physically aware of how to take care of their own bodies.”

Will Green & Yoga Teacher, Sybel Boss
Will Green
Will Green: Running Back / Cleveland Browns

“I’ve been working with Sybel and her yoga program and it has helped me out tremendously. It helps me out on the field…on and off the field it’s a great program. It makes me a lot more flexible and flexibility gives me more speed. It keeps me safe out there on the field when those guys bend me around. I actually use the DVDs on my own when I want to do yoga at home. It is definitely something I will use throughout my career, because it has been very helpful to me.”

Daylan Childress
Daylan Childress
Daylan Childress: Pitcher / Cincinnati Reds

“I’ve had problems with my lower back and tight hips, but the more I do yoga with Sybel the more I enjoy it, because it relieves my body of the stress I’ve been putting it through.”

Mike Pearson
Mike Pearson
Mike Pearson: Offensive Tackle / Jacksonville Jaguars

“ Sybel’s program and approach is really great. It incorporates a lot of athletic movements, concentratin and coordination. I must admit that when I first started taking yoga I was really skeptical. I thought that it was a really dumb and stupid way to workout. Believe me when I say workout, yoga is a very challenging workout. I can not begin to tell you how much it improved my balance. The balance aspect of yoga is really great. They make you utilize all of your stabilizer muscles all over your body. The positions you get into are awesome, and they help my concentration tremendously. The concentration aspect is a big key. It makes you block out everything around you in order to conquer the pose.”

Josh McKinnley
Josh McKinnley

Josh McKinnley: 2nd Baseman / Montreal Expos

“Every time I do yoga with Sybel it has loosened me up. I tend to get tight and do not do a lot of static stretching. Sybel’s yoga in conjunction with my performance training, helps to make my body feel great. I learned from Sybel some great exercises to do to help me warm up so I am ready to play my sport really well. I intend to take Sybel’s DVDs on the road with me this year to help maintain my conditioning and recovery.”

Red Ayme, tennis coach of Tommy Haas
Red Ayme
Red Ayme, Tennis Coach currently of Tommy Haas / previously coach of Boris Becker and Marcelo Rios

“Sybel’s Yoga for Sports and Fitness is a must for athletes at any level. One of the biggest challenges in coaching is to find a teaching tool that we can use to develop athletes in all sports, all ages and most importantly all different levels of ability. Sybel’s system is based on the most important elements necessary to get a better athlete, which is balance, flexibility, core strength and focus. Some forms of yoga that I have tried in the past, in my opinion hold the poses for too long. Sybel’s vinyasa-flow style is right on target with the right mix of dynamic movements to get the desired results. My experience with the athletes is that the exercises they do need to be moving, challenging and have a great tempo…Sybel’s DVDs do all of that and more. I travel with Sybel’s DVDs now so that no matter where I am, I can use them with my athletes and myself.”

Chauncey Billups & Yoga instructor, Sybel Boss
Sybel & Chauncey Billups
Chauncey Billups: Most Valuable Player of the NBA Champions, the Detroit Pistons

“I think it is great when your body can reach such a different level of relaxation in a matter of a couple of minutes. I was looking forward to trying this to increase my flexiblilty, but I’m doing it more for mental reasons and to learn how to relax.”

Sybel & Loren Seagrave
Loren Seagrave: International Sports Consultant with Speed Dynamics and Velocity Sports

“Sybel has taken yoga for sports and fitness to a new level. Her keen insight into the application of yoga in the development of stabilization, strength, balance and flexibility is augmented by her use of yoga as a powerful regeneration tool.

"Every serious athlete and coach must have Sybel's instructional DVDs as a part of their arsenal. Regularly incorporating yoga into the mainstream of your training will reap remarkable benefits”

Dave Hogarth
Dave Hogarth
Dave Hogarth: Physical Therapist / Bolletierri Sports Medicine

“Sybel has accurately developed these yoga routines to help address key flexibility and strength defecits that we see in clinical evaluations of athletes of all levels. A lot of pro athletes are on the tight side of where we want them to be. We want them to be a little more mobile, and Sybel’s programs are an effective addition to our intergrated rehabilitation and performance training programs.”

Brian Tollberg
Brian Tollberg
Brian Tollberg: Pitcher / San Diego Padres

“Because of the dynamic nature of Sybel’s yoga classes I have incorporated her yoga DVDs, into my daily training routine. I take her videos with me in spring training and into the season.”

Tommy Haas & Sybel
Sybel & Tommy Haas
Tommy Haas: Tennis Professional formerly ranked #2 in the world ATP, Olympic Silver Medalist 2000

“Our yoga sessions have helped my balance and flexibility-two areas which are important to my movement on the court.”

Andy Barnett
Andy Barnett
Andy Barnett: IPI Performance Specialist/Assistant Strength Coach for New York Giants

The Yoga instruction offered by Sybel Boss in her classes has made a significant difference in the overall performance of our professional athletes. The flexibility and breathing practices have helped with injury prevention and improved mobility, imperative to any athlete. We have seen the results, but more importantly the athletes express and appreciate the benefits.

Joe Abunassar & Sybel Boss
Sybel & Joe Abunassar

Joe Abunassar: IMG Basketball Academy

Joe encourages clients to supplement their on-court training by working with Boss, who has produced a two-volume DVD that enables practitioners to do yoga exercises at home.

"Yoga is great recovery for basketball players and helps prevent them from getting sore or injured," Abunassar says. "It makes them more flexible, which helps with body control and change of direction. It translates to the court by adding muscle endurance for longer periods of time and gives them a chance to do the stretching they need. NBA players are not expert yoga takers, and Sybel does a great job keeping the class shorter and catering to their needs."

Glenn Weiner
Glen Weiner

Glenn Weiner:

Being a professional tennis player for 10 years I have been around long enough to learn and see the most important parts of being a successful athlete. As far as the physical part of the sport one of the most important things is flexibility. It's one of the major factors in injury prevention and muscle recovery. My flexibility has never been great, but last year I was injured for a big part of the year, so I needed to work on both my strength and my flexibility. During this time I started taking private lessons with Sybel. The great thing about Sybel's system of yoga is that it combines both strength and flexibilty....just what I needed! When I was able to return to the tour in September, I played through til November with no injuries and as a result I improved my ranking 300 spots. Now I'm in Austrailia and have qualified for my first grand slam and I have won a round. And I plan to keep it rolling and keep sticking to my yoga workouts.

Aloscha Thron
Aljoscha Thron
Aloscha Thron:

"Working with Sybel has helped me increasing my flexibility, in addition it's a perfect way to prevent injuries. Once you participate in one of her classes , you realize how much experience she has."

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